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1/20/2017 6:02:12 PM

Just Sing 2017  

by Ubisoft

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Create your own music videos with Just Sing™!
Sing or lip sync to your favourite songs – from the hottest hits to all-time favourite songs through local tracks (French songs, German songs and many other).

A smartphone is all you need to get the party started! Simply download the Just Sing Companion App to your smartphone, sync it with your PS4 or Xbox One and use your smartphone as your microphone and camera.

With Just Sing, easily create memorable videos with up to 3 friends by changing themes and filters as you perform. Save your video locally to keep track of the fun or share it with your friends!

  • A large song catalog

* The disc gives you access to more than 45 tracks (including 10 master and 35 covers). From Maroon 5 and Sia to Justin Bieber through “Let it Go” or “I Love Rock’N Roll”, sing the hottest hits and the greatest classics. In addition to these tracks, you can also sing in your mother tongue to 5 local songs available in streaming.
* The streaming service gives you access to a huge, ever-expanding catalog. You can buy different packs of songs to sing what matches your very own tastes – whether fan of the 80s, into pop music or crazy about love songs, there is a pack for you!

  • Have fun singing or lip-syncing

Just Sing is your new musical game and truly welcomes everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a great singer and want to shine through your singing talent or just feel like having fun lip syncing with your friends.
* Sing and get scored: Earn stars as you sing along, the game will track your pitch and rhythm.
* Lip-Sync for fun: Turn off the scoring and put on a show in your living room.

  • Create and customize your own unique music videos

Before you start singing or lip syncing, pick one of the 12 original video themes. Each theme offers 4 animated backgrounds to embed your video and 4 filters. While singing, you can change filters and effects with just one touch on your smartphone screen, and as many times as you want! The videos you create are truly unique.

  • A smartphone is all you need to get the party started– USB mics and console cameras are supported but not required!

All you need for Just Sing is your smartphone and an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4 to play the game. Download the Just Sing Companion app to your Apple or Android device and let the show begin!
* Up to 4 players and their smartphones are supported by Just Sing. The smartphones can be used both as microphones and cameras!
o Record and film yourself with your smartphone while performing. Your video will be generated automatically on your TV screen, mixing the video inputs of each smartphones and displaying players one by one or together in unique, theme-related schemes.
o Or be the cameraman and film your friends’ performance.
* To extend your experience, activate your console camera and integrate wider shots in your video!
* And if you have USB mics at home, you can also use them to record your singing performance. Up to 2 smartphones (used as microphone and camera) and 2 USB mics can be supported at the same time.

  • Enjoy a free demo and a free weekly song

* A free demo is available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Store to get in the Just Sing mood and perform on « What do you mean? » from Justin Bieber or « I want to break free » from Queen.
* As a Just Sing player (disc owner), discover a different free song each week.

  • Save your videos and share them with your friends

* Save your creations locally to keep track of your performances.
* Share your best content with your friends or the Just Sing Community.
* Choose to go public and get featured on the official Just Sing YouTube page! (feature available end of August- moderation will be done)
* Get access to your friends’ shared performances and to publicly shared content.

  • Two main game modes available at launch and a third one coming soon

* Party: Create your own music videos with up to 3 friends as you sing along or lip-sync your favorite songs. Customize your video during your performance.
* Battle: Challenge one of your friend offline in a 1v1 singing battle. Each singer gets half of the screen. The best singer steals the show and temporarily monopolize the screen. The asynchronously online Battle mode will be available end of August.
* Collaboration (feature available end of August): Collaborate with up to 3 players offline or asynchronously online to create a performance together. Sing in unison or one player after the other.

  • Just Sing walks in the Just Dance steps to offer a singing experience that lets anyone participate whatever talent or confidence. With Just Sing, have fun singing and lip syncing and create memorable moments with your friends and family.

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